Adult Empire Completes One Year of Partnership with SaviTransfer

DURHAM, N.C.—Adult Empire has successfully completed 1 year of partnership with SaviTransfer helping them streamline their file transfer process. By using SaviTransfer removed their hassle and, in turn, opened up new relationships in new markets. SaviTransfer has been proved as the only transfer service designed specially to meet their industry needs. It has helped their content providers to supply videos and have expanded the revenue through Adult Empire’s VOD program.


Adult Empire is happy to use SaviTransfer. In fact, SaviTransfer has halved file transfer time compared to FTP. Adult Empire’s VOD manager, Ryan Wayne says “Over the last year we’ve seen more and more studios opting to use SaviTransfer over FTP or sending hard drives to us in the mail.”


Here are some statistics in brief. We are glad that we could help Adult Empire transfer a total of 572.6 TB last year, and recently in the last month we helped them upload 10.5 TB and redistribution to their clients was about 26.4 TB of data.


Ryan also feels that “SaviTransfer’s incredibly fast upload speeds and auto-resume features allow content producers to spend less time waiting by their PC for uploads to complete (or fail) and have more time to actually focus on their business. We love Savi users because we never have to contact them to ask them to re-send incomplete files”


As we see in the near future the media houses and broadcasting companies embrace HD video and tapeless production workflows, the media asset sizes will be skyrocketed. Due to these advancements in the technology file sizes will only continue to increase as 4K, 8K and VR content will be more commonly used. Thus having the flexibility to transfer such media files will be a challenge. Commonly used methods such as FTP, email attachments etc. will not able to handle such high-resolution media files, which would ultimately result in unending cycles for data to get delivered.


SaviTransfer will become the go-to solution due to its high speed, reliability, and security. Almost all the bottlenecks related to process workflow and the ROI are resolved via SaviTransfer service. Adult Empire’s partnership with SaviTransfer has been instrumental to the Adult Industry. “It’s great to see a tech company that fully supports and caters to the Adult Industry. They aren’t afraid to advertise the fact that they are “in bed” with all of us smut peddlers, and I truly respect that.said Wayne.


Adult Empire Completes One Year of Partnership with SaviTransfer