The Savi story

You wouldn’t think that taxes and moving adult content go in the same sentence. For us they do. What started out as a file transfer service for accountants has transformed into the only dedicated accelerated file transfer service in the adult industry.

When we first launched in late 2015, Adam & Eve Pictures gave us the boost that we needed. They had been in the market for a file transfer service and the other services they had experimented with weren’t cutting it. So we offered them an irresistible deal. Only pay for the file transfers they actually transferred. It would cost less than the price of buying and shipping hard drives. No hidden fees and a cancel-any-time-you-want-to contract.

Ever since then, we’ve been delivering on what we promise all our users: reliable file transfer.

We just want you to outsource your file transfer headaches to us. We don’t want you babysitting transfers and wondering why something didn’t work. We don’t want you investing so much into FTP that you find it difficult to keep up with 360, VR, and 4K content. We don’t want you to worry about the tech. Our talented team of has been designing and building sophisticated digital ecosystems for more than 15 years. Let us do our thing, and you get back to doing what you do best.

We’ll make you another promise. When you invest in our service and become our clients, not only will we continue to provide reliable file transfer. We will also continue adding services that make your production and release process easier.

Our vision is

to build an ecosystem where your titles move seamlessly between all your partners.

Our mission is

to reduce the amount of time between a title being ready to publish and the time it’s actually published. The sooner it’s up the sooner, you make your money.



The Savi story