Adult Empire Completes One Year of Partnership with SaviTransfer

DURHAM, N.C.—Adult Empire has successfully completed 1 year of partnership with SaviTransfer helping them streamline their file transfer process. By using SaviTransfer removed their hassle and, in turn, opened up new relationships in new markets. SaviTransfer has been proved as the only transfer service designed specially to meet their industry needs. It has helped their content providers to supply videos and have expanded the revenue through Adult Empire’s VOD program.


Adult Empire is happy to use SaviTransfer. In fact, SaviTransfer has halved file transfer time compared to FTP. Adult Empire’s VOD manager, Ryan Wayne says “Over the last year we’ve seen more and more studios opting to use SaviTransfer over FTP or sending hard drives to us in the mail.”


Here are some statistics in brief. We are glad that we could help Adult Empire transfer a total of 572.6 TB last year, and recently in the last month we helped them upload 10.5 TB and redistribution to their clients was about 26.4 TB of data.


Ryan also feels that “SaviTransfer’s incredibly fast upload speeds and auto-resume features allow content producers to spend less time waiting by their PC for uploads to complete (or fail) and have more time to actually focus on their business. We love Savi users because we never have to contact them to ask them to re-send incomplete files”


As we see in the near future the media houses and broadcasting companies embrace HD video and tapeless production workflows, the media asset sizes will be skyrocketed. Due to these advancements in the technology file sizes will only continue to increase as 4K, 8K and VR content will be more commonly used. Thus having the flexibility to transfer such media files will be a challenge. Commonly used methods such as FTP, email attachments etc. will not able to handle such high-resolution media files, which would ultimately result in unending cycles for data to get delivered.


SaviTransfer will become the go-to solution due to its high speed, reliability, and security. Almost all the bottlenecks related to process workflow and the ROI are resolved via SaviTransfer service. Adult Empire’s partnership with SaviTransfer has been instrumental to the Adult Industry. “It’s great to see a tech company that fully supports and caters to the Adult Industry. They aren’t afraid to advertise the fact that they are “in bed” with all of us smut peddlers, and I truly respect that.said Wayne.


Adult Empire Completes One Year of Partnership with SaviTransfer

In 2017, Savi is just getting started

A lot has happened on Savi this year. Perhaps you didn’t see many of the changes because you joined us later on in the year. Perhaps you’ve been so busy, you haven’t had a chance to check it out. Either way, when Savi was launched earlier this year, we were determined to create the only file transfer service that brings the fastest, most reliable content delivery platform exclusive to the adult industry. We’ve done our part but we’re just getting started. Check out what we’ve done and see what’s coming up next.

Some of the numbers from transfers on Savi

In the last month we’ve moved a lot of files. Some big, and some small. Some super fast and others not so much. Whenever we ran into issues, we overcame them. Without the support of friends and our users, we could not see the numbers we have here.

savi transfer in 2017

Whether transferring to a VOD, encoder, content broker or broadcast partner, we’ve seen more than 43 TB of video content travel through Savi. We continue to see more pro-res and 4K content delivered all the time. The video files just keep getting bigger.

If you’re looking for a file transfer solution that can scale with your growing content sizes, be sure to reach out to us. We have you covered. In a single transfer, we moved 800GB of content without a hitch. File size is not a limitation with Savi.

We also recorded the fastest-ever transfer with Adult Empire. They reached 1Gbps during a transfer. If you need content delivered, they will receive it asap!

The major updates


30 days in the cloudIncreasing time files are stored from 10 days to 30 days

Files used be stored for 10 days.  It was just long enough so that if someone accidentally misplaced it, they could get it again. But what we found out was that clients would send the same file again and again but to different partners. We realized if we kept the files for a little bit longer, we could deliver titles faster. We now keep all content on the cloud for 30 days by default.

automated downloadsProviding auto-download through channels

When you’re using other services with the cloud being the mediator from point A to point B, the inevitable happens: someone has to tell someone else that the file is ready for download and the communication charade begins. So we built channels to avoid that all together. It’s efficient. It helps everyone deliver their content seamlessly. Best of all, both parties receive an email notification when the transfer is completed. This is why Adult Empire partnered with us. We streamlined their ingestion flow so that they could publish content faster.

bandwidth controlBandwidth control

Sometimes super-high speeds aren’t desirable. Impossible, right? But when your ISP doesn’t cap your bandwidth and charges you overages instead, then going as fast as possible isn’t worth the ISP bill. With a few tweaks, we built and launched a new agent version within days that offered full bandwidth control. See? Without your feedback and requests, Savi wouldn’t be what it is today.

send from the cloudSend from the cloud

One of the complaints we heard from clients again and again–especially for those with slower bandwidth–is the time it takes to send the same file to different FTP sites. A pro-res file can take up to 2 days to transfer depending on your internet speeds. With Savi, you can upload once and send 5 times. That saves 8 days of transferring for someone with slow speeds.

adult empire and saviOur partnership with Adult Empire

When our partnership was officially announced, we couldn’t have been more grateful. Getting work done doesn’t happen without good relationships.

More efficient space allocationno extra space required

They say storage is cheap. But when it comes to storing video content, you can never get enough of it. In the beginning, Savi required extra space in order to process and upload the content. Now, we’ve provided options to configure the settings and remove the space requirements altogether.

redesigned websiteA whole new design

It used to be a little counter-intuitive. But now, we’ve freshened up the look and feel of Savi Transfer to make it easier to use and navigate. We’ll continue to update it.

Launched servers in California and Europe
servers launched globally

Our client base is now international! To better serve you and take advantage of your internet speeds, we’ve set up new servers. Your content will be delivered to the server nearest you.

long term storageLong-term storage

30 days is still too short, right? Sometimes you’re still sending the same title 4 months later. Other times, you really just need a cloud archive solution. Look no further! Savi has come to the rescue. Once you transfer your files, we’ll keep it for you as long as you need.

Goals for 2018

If 2017 is any indication, what we’ll build in 2018 will be exponentially better 🙂 We just need you to keep on inviting your broadcasters, encoders, and friends to join Savi.  If you have thoughts on what we should build instead, reach out to us. We love hearing from you:

Appliance for sending

We know that drag and drop is the easiest way to send files. That’s why we’re in the process of building an appliance just for you. It will provide

Upgraded view of incoming and outgoing transfers

It’s one thing to see the status of your own transfers. But a different view altogether when you can see the status of the other side as well. We want to give you a full view of all your transfers in a way that you can plan what needs to be done when.

Scheduling transfers

We’ve learned that your distribution schedules are a little like clockwork. One person gets it this week and someone else a little bit later. Once your content is on our cloud. We’ll build a mechanism for you to schedule it for next week or the week after that as you need.

Encoding in the cloud

Some have asked for it, so we’re looking into it. As you know, encoding can get complicated. It’s also better when you can get a set of human eyes overlooking quality control. In the meantime, any information you can send our way would be greatly appreciated. Let us know what your needs would be and if you’re interested in the service.


Online file transfer is supposed to streamline the whole process of moving files from point A to B. SaviTransfer takes it to the next level by personalizing the service to cater to the specifics of adult industry needs.


In 2017, Savi is just getting started

Adult Empire Partners with SaviTransfer to streamline the file transfer process

adult empire and saviDURHAM, N.C.—Adult Empire is joining forces with SaviTransfer in a dynamic upgrade to its FTP system. Known for its streamlined process and blazing download speeds, Savi says it’s the only transfer service designed especially with the needs of adult industry leaders such as AE in mind. As a result, the partnership makes it easier for content providers to supply video and generate revenue through Adult Empire’s VOD program.

SaviTransfer represents a significant upgrade from conventional FTP clients. Boasting transfer capabilities at speeds up to 1100MB/s, the company far exceeds the rates typically expected when moving large files. “There is no real comparison between SaviTransfer and FTP,” said Bob Churchfield, senior systems engineer at Adult Empire. “Since file sizes are likely to increase as 4K HD content becomes more common, speed is a major asset for studios hoping to beef up their amounts of ultra hi-res videos on our website.”

A streamlined software interface, complete with automatic status updates, saves time for both Adult Empire and its content providers. “Their notifications system has made the entire process simpler and easier,” said VOD Lead Encoder Brian Scaletta. “We’re able to track the progress of downloads and bring content into our system in a much more efficient way.”

The efficiency of SaviTransfer’s design also has other benefits. “SaviTransfer is a particularly effective tool for studios with deep catalogs of archival content,” said VOD Account Manager Ryan Wayne. Large libraries can be transferred in a fraction of the time it would take with older FTP clients.

Wayne was also impressed with Savi’s commitment to superior customer service, a unique feature among large-data transfer providers. “One of the best things about Savi is its team. They are always tremendously helpful whenever there are any questions,” he said. This translates to customers getting new content more frequently and production teams being paid faster. Savi also offers encryption of file transfers, aligning with AE’s recent move to the HTTPS security protocol on its family of websites.

For SaviTransfer and Adult Empire, the partnership represents a technological synergy with abundant mutual benefits. “When file transfer works smoothly, it’s a win-win-win for everyone involved – consumers, producers, and adult entertainment retailers,” said Wayne.


Adult Empire Partners with SaviTransfer to streamline the file transfer process

Hitting the SaviTransfer high-speed record

Today, SaviTransfer is excited to announce that we’ve surprised even ourselves with a lightning fast, uninterrupted, and secure transfer for one of our favorite clients, Adult Empire. They downloaded an enormous 616GB file at speeds of up to 800MB/s, taking only 2 hours, 16 minutes, and 57 seconds!

When it comes to transferring large files online, there are several factors that determine your upload and download speeds. Even if your office is equipped with a state-of-the-art, fiber optic connection, your client’s business might run on residential wifi. If the file you’re sending is hundreds of GBs like this one, you could be waiting for a while.

But there is one factor you actually have a choice in how you transfer those files.

FTP, for better or worse, is the industry standard. But since it is built on tech developed in 1971, it’s worse more often than not. With slow speeds and connection interruptions, you have to split up larger files and babysit transfers to ensure anything even went through. FTP is also very vulnerable — as evidenced by the recent ransomeware attack on one of Netflix’s production houses.

Cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive, even their premium versions, will throttle speeds and limit file size — at times down to 20GBs. File transfer services like Aspera or Signiant only provide a discrete chunk of their bandwidth that their customers have to figure out how to divvy up.

SaviTransfer is proud to offer a better solution: easy, reliable, and secure transfer built with today’s business in mind. No interruptions, no throttling, no security worries, and no need to split files. Bob Churchfield, the Senior Systems Engineer with Adult Empire, says “there is no real comparison” between SaviTransfer and FTP.

“With FTP we are severely limited by the person’s latency and location when getting good transfer speeds. Most people just crawl along with their uploads… but we’ve not had speeds like that with FTP ever.”

The same 616GB file took 11 days to upload over residential wifi with a 5MB/s upload speed — not a connection you’d want for a business dealing in large files. But even over connections like this — be it hotel wifi while you’re traveling or the home networks of your clients — SaviTransfer’s auto-download and auto-resume functionalities make sure the transfer is safely completed as fast as it can. “I enjoy everything being hands-free and being alerted when transfers are done,” says Brian Scaletta, Adult Empire’s VOD Production Manager. “Not having to constantly be checking if files are done frees up much time on my end.”

On top of all that, SaviTransfer offers top-notch customer service — something that VOD Account Manager Ryan Wayne says FTP won’t get you. “The best thing about SaviTransfer is how great of a team you have. You are always as fast as lightning when there are any questions.”

You have a choice in file transfer service. Connect with SaviTransfer today and see how we can simplify and accelerate your file transfer logistics. Don’t spend another second babysitting your FTP!

Hitting the SaviTransfer high-speed record

The Savi story

You wouldn’t think that taxes and moving adult content go in the same sentence. For us they do. What started out as a file transfer service for accountants has transformed into the only dedicated accelerated file transfer service in the adult industry.

When we first launched in late 2015, Adam & Eve Pictures gave us the boost that we needed. They had been in the market for a file transfer service and the other services they had experimented with weren’t cutting it. So we offered them an irresistible deal. Only pay for the file transfers they actually transferred. It would cost less than the price of buying and shipping hard drives. No hidden fees and a cancel-any-time-you-want-to contract.

Ever since then, we’ve been delivering on what we promise all our users: reliable file transfer.

We just want you to outsource your file transfer headaches to us. We don’t want you babysitting transfers and wondering why something didn’t work. We don’t want you investing so much into FTP that you find it difficult to keep up with 360, VR, and 4K content. We don’t want you to worry about the tech. Our talented team of has been designing and building sophisticated digital ecosystems for more than 15 years. Let us do our thing, and you get back to doing what you do best.

We’ll make you another promise. When you invest in our service and become our clients, not only will we continue to provide reliable file transfer. We will also continue adding services that make your production and release process easier.

Our vision is

to build an ecosystem where your titles move seamlessly between all your partners.

Our mission is

to reduce the amount of time between a title being ready to publish and the time it’s actually published. The sooner it’s up the sooner, you make your money.



The Savi story